10 July 2009
Ahoy Shipmates!
Welcome to the first Crash Boat Rendezvous 2009
This will be a historic and rare opportunity to tour and learn about these brave little ships and their valiant mission to save downed air crews during World War Two and the Korean War.
To learn more about our seven-day tour on the San Francisco Bay, click on the link - "Schedule"
Post Report:
29 July 2009
Greetings Shipmates:
Thanks to all those who helped make our 1st Crash Boat Rendezvous a success.  In particular, I'd like to personally thank Jerry (owner and skipper of the P-520) and his crew for bringing their 85 foot crashboat all the way up from Long Beach, California.  Bravo Zulu to you and your entire crew!
Owing to forces beyond our control, we hope the 2nd Crash Boat Rendezvous will include a larger force of participant vessels.  With at least a one-year to two-year planning window, I am confident we can increase our vessel and visiting patrons by at least 200%.
For photos of this year's Crash Boat Rendezvous, click on our PHOTOS section.